Hospital Accreditation

Mission Hospital is proud to be one of the first few private hospitals in Thailand to receive Hospital Accreditation (HA). The HA program is a movement in quality improvement for both public and private hospitals in Thailand. The fundamentals of this program are patient focus, organizational and multi-disciplinary teamwork, and continuous self-assessment and improvement.

The HA movement arose in 1994 out of the need for a more comprehensive hospital standard. Hospital standards of the US, Canada, Australia and UK were reviewed and the Thai hospital standard was drafted in 1996. Thirty-five hospitals from both private and public sectors joined the HA pilot program in order to create model hospitals, fine tune the standards, strengthen the initial team of surveyors, and promote better understanding of the program to the public and healthcare professionals.

In 1999, HA-Thailand carried out the first survey on 4 hospitals. The survey process was a combination of the Canadian and the US style. The rating method was based on the European Quality Award, i.e. approach/system design, deployment, assessment and result. Nine general standards were used – mission and vision, organization, manpower management, education and training, policies and procedures, environment of care, instruments, systems and process, and continuous quality improvement activities and results.

The HA Thailand program, modeled after the Western accreditation systems, has proven to be of high standard. By the end of 2002, less than 10 private hospitals, among 470 altogether in Thailand, had received the accreditation. Mission Hospital is honored to be in the top five hospitals that achieved this accreditation.

The HA standards continue to evolve and improve, following the trends in the United States. In 2004, patient safety has become top priority. Hospitals now focus on patient identification, high-risk medication alert system, correct surgical site, infusion pumps, medical and drug abbreviations, and prevention of hospital-acquired infections.