Admission Procedures


Please bring with you the following documents to facilitate proper and expedient admission:

  • Thailand identity card (NRIC)
  • Passport if not a Thai citizen
  • Your doctor’s referral letter and guarantee letter (GL) / employee ID card / deposit for self-pay
  • Appointment card

Please be punctual for the admission appointment. The appointment time is arranged so that ample time is given for proper preparation to facilitate better care.

When you arrive, please check with the receptionist (Front Desk) who will then complete your registration / admission, confirm your room assignment and finalise the financial arrangements. Our staff will escort you to your room.

In urgent cases, you may be admitted directly to your room, and our staff will process your registration / admission. In such a case, your next-of-kin or relative may provide assistance.

Financial Arrangements

You will be expected to pay a deposit based on your anticipated expenses upon your admission. This will be credited against your final bill upon discharged.

Patients confined for long periods will receive regular statements which must be paid.

Any enquiries pertaining to your billing / payment should be discussed with Patient Financial Services Officers.

If surgery is required, the Patient Financial Services Officers will provide an estimated cost. The amount is to be paid prior to the surgery.

You may settle your bills by cash, banker’s cheque or credit card. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Bangkok Adventist Hospital’. Amex, JCB, Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted.

All payment must be made at the cashiers’ counters. Please do not pay anybody soliciting payment for your account in the hospital. Do not accept the offer from anybody whom you do not know to settle your payment on your behalf.

If in doubt, please inform the hospital staff who will make arrangements with the Patient Financial Services for you.

For inquires: Patient Business Department 02-282-1100 ext. 159