Mission Mart

Mission Mart & Cafeteria

mission mart

For the convenience of patients, family and guests, Mission Hospital offer healthy vegetarian meals at Mission Cafeteria which locate at the side of main entrance. Mission Cafeteria use healthy ingredients and balance varieties of fresh foods and fruits for better healthy living daily intakes. It daily operates start from 6 am in the morning to 18.30 in the evening to serve the nutrient needs of individual. Inpatients and guests can order foods by dialing the extension number from their room for special room delivery service.

Attach with Mission vegetarian Cafeteria, Mission Mini Mart opening daily to serve and provide the urgent requirements of patients and guests. All the products and snacks, foods, drinks provide for healthy needs and also can get medical related products and clothes.

You can also experience the Mission own products of Mission Balm in different attractive packaging. Mission Balm use one of the best formula and trusted by the community. This Balm is best to use for the treatment of headaches, cold, rheumatic or arthritic pains, muscle pains, tired or any other physical needs regardless of gender and age.