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CharityMission Hospital is owned and operated by the Christian Medical Foundation of Seventh-Day Adventists.  We are not-for-profit oriented healthcare organization and we are part of worldwide Adventist healthcare network.  Since it was founded in May 10, 1937 by philanthropist captain, Thomas Hall, the fundamentals of principles remains contacts to the present to service and help to the community.

Today, as of our mission “HUMANIZE CARE” remains contact to the fundamentals principles, we continually strive forward providing quality healthcare evenly to all those who are in need of our healthcare services and helps to those individual with less fortunate. This is made possible by the availability of various funds and the support of the community.

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Friends Helping Friends Project 

Friends Helping Friends fund raising project started with the purpose of sharing and proclaiming God’s love as stated in Matthew 22:37 “…To Love God with all your heart and mind and understanding and to love others as yourselves.” by Chaplaincy Department organizing participants from different departments in Mission Hospital. 

This project is intended to reflect, understand and share experience of working in Mission Hospital is a channel of bless to everyone. 

This fund will directly contributed to help the staffs and  immediate family members who are financially incapable of maintaining and support for their healthcare needs.

To meet our goal of  accomplishing Friends Helping Friends Project, the methods of raising fund  are organized depend on various occasion and activities, such as; Selling fruits & food, and many other small contributions, etc

Though this project is Friends (The Staffs) helping Friends (another staff and immediate family members who are in need), we do not restrict to those who would like to join and participate as part of our Big Friends Family. Your  generosity, Your kind consideration, Your contribution either big or small, is always counted and WELCOME..

“Be Part of our Big Friends Family”


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